the state of the borough 2008

In February the council called a debate called State of the Borough Debate 2008 - Our Place in London. It was billed as "the beginning of one of the most exciting and challenging chapters in its history - to decide what our borough should look like in 20 years". Only being the council it was a debate with an invited audience, the general population were not permitted to join the exchange of views.

In an attempt to redress the situation and let any one have a say in what goes on in the Borough antiscrap is organising an exhibition for the E17 Art Trail, "State of the Borough 2008". We would like all you artist out there to give vent to your feelings about the state of the Borough. We would like to celebrate life here, get involved with the debate, produce mock film posters, postcards, prints, paintings or what you will.

For example, every campaign out there could translate its message into an art work, a film poster for "Withering Heights" from Fight the Height, a "wish you were here postcard" from the St James St library, a "where are they now" set of photos for all the closed and missing cinemas and I hate to think what from all those people hopping around on one leg looking for a toilet. But dont just be negative lets get the bits your proud of too, like our ability assemble outside the Town Hall in vast numbers and other things. The possibilities are endless to brighten up the cultural desert we live in.

Entries have to be ready for hanging on Friday the 5th of September, they must be in wooden frames with mirror plates. The exhibition will be in the indoor market in Wood St, where the "Inspired by William Morris Exhibition" was held last year. If you would like submit work or request further information drop an e-mail to;

Protest against further cuts of cultural services and staff in Waltham Forest print this poster out and stick it in your window


Download the culture bin A4 poster here, a 6mbit pdf file .

Or contact info@antscrap for a printed copy in either A4 or A3.