the art of politics

From August the 31st to September the 6th antiscrap are holing an exhibition at the Changing Room Gallery in LLoyd Park, Forest Road, Walthamstow. The exhibition will be open from 10 till 5 every day and the private view is on the Tuesday the 1st of September from 4 till 7, so please join us then for a glass of wine and a chat.

Politics and art interconnect with an ever changing world, these artists make that connection explicit - all the world on a wall.

All artists work in some way connects with the society they live in, nationally, internationally or locally. The mediums used and the technics employed and the concepts envisaged have their origins in the way we live and what is happening around us. Artists cover their connection with their world in many ways from the decoration to explanation. In this show the artists treat their connection with world as their prime concern with work dealing with social and political relationships, from corruption to Gaza and indifference to pollution, all their concerns are here in surprising and intreging forms.

Please take some time out to come and visit the show and tell all of your friends. You can even combine it with a visit to the William Morris Galley in Lloyd Park, open Wednesday to sunday 10 - 5.

On the following Sunday we are following the exhibition with a radical through Walthamstow

Guided by Roger Huddle this walk is unashamedly biased towards the radical, the socialist and arty past of Walthamstow - from Industrial Syndicalism to the William Morris Orchestra from the Clarion Cyclists to Art Settlements. If you want to know the some of the forgotten history of Walthamsow this is the walk for you.

Sunday 13th of September, meet at St James St Station at 1pm. The finnish will be at the William Morris Gallery approximately 4pm depending on the weather and fitness of the participants.